Decathlon Pledges for Sustainable Consumption

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Facing a world with limited resources, DECATHLON, the leading sporting goods retailer globally, is taking a strong stance towards a sustainable future.

They have signed the European Commission's Sustainable Consumption Pledge (formerly known as the Green Consumption Pledge) reflecting their commitment.

Operating in 70 countries with over 1,05,000 employees, DECATHLON actively reduces its environmental footprint across its entire product lifecycle - from production and transportation to distribution and use.

To achieve this, they are implementing innovative circular business models. These include expanding second-hand product sales, offering buy-back schemes, rental and subscription services, alongside repair options and readily available spare parts to extend product life. These initiatives are already being rolled out in various markets.

"The Sustainable Consumption Pledge represents our renewed commitment to changing the way we do business," says Anna Turrell, DECATHLON's Chief Sustainability Officer. "By decarbonising our activity and developing a business model that promotes a circular economy, we can reduce the impact we have on the environment and lead the change in the industry to become a beacon of light for a more sustainable future."

The pledge encourages companies to adopt more responsible production and consumption habits. DECATHLON has pledged two key goals by 2030: to lessen their carbon emissions and introduce three circularity initiatives to empower their customers towards making sustainable choices.

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