DECARD and Africa Investor Announce Partnership at COP27

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by KnowESG
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Current finance flows are insufficient to achieve a net-zero emission and resilient economy by 2050 (UNFCCC, 2021). DECARD and Africa Investor partner up to mobilise, deploy and accelerate climate capital.

At COP27, their contribution is to bridge the climate finance gap and address Scope 3 emissions by directing investment towards bankable nature-based projects at scale.

Climate Capital Technologies, a new partnership between DECARD and Africa Investor, aims to create viable business models to mobilise and especially deploy investment in nature-based and sustainable projects.

Project identification and vetting capabilities of Africa Investor, coupled with DECARD's expertise in Web3 infrastructure and community-focused economic governance, will enable robust investment and capital facilitation of ESG projects at scale.

The objective is to build novel decentralised economic infrastructure utilising Web3 technology to accurately identify Scope 3 emissions in the value chains and accelerate capital flows into net-zero projects, decarbonising infrastructure and scaling up sustainable solutions.

Delivering on the Paris Agreements' targets means achieving significant scale and quality of public and private investments in the near term. Today, cumbersome supply chains, high transaction fees, and indirect project funding cause bottlenecks to effectively financing adaptation and resilience projects globally. Innovative tools and financial mechanisms are needed to improve countries' access to climate finance and catalyse investments in climate action.

The UN Climate Conference, COP27, takes place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, from November 6–18. Mitigation, adaptation, and climate finance are the three significant objectives driving goal-setting this year. Governments, businesses, NGOs, and civil society groups convene to negotiate and plan the implementation of pledges regarding net-zero commitments, climate finance, and forest protection.


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