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Darling Ingredients Inc. has been recognised by Morningstar Sustainalytics as a Top Rated ESG company in 2023.

As of March 2023, Darling Ingredients received an ESG Risk Rating of 20.6, placing them in the top 4th percentile in the Food Products industry and the top 2nd percentile in the Packaged Foods subindustry, as assessed by Sustainalytics.

Morningstar Sustainalytics' ESG Risk Ratings measure a company's management of industry-specific material ESG risks. This comprehensive approach combines management and exposure to assess ESG risk, providing a comparable rating across all industries. Sustainalytics' ESG Risk Ratings have five levels of risk: negligible, low, medium, high, and severe.

"We take our ESG responsibilities seriously and are pleased to be recognised for our efforts," said Randall C. Stuewe, Chairman and CEO of Darling Ingredients. "Sustainability is at the core of our business, and we are committed to continuously improving our ESG performance because it is the right thing to do, not just to meet stakeholder expectations."

Darling Ingredients repurposes edible by-products and food waste into sustainable products and is a leading producer of renewable energy. The company creates food ingredients used in gelatin capsules, thickeners, and collagen peptides and sells ingredients to companies that make feed for pets and livestock. Darling Ingredients also generates green energy from materials that cannot be used in food or feed.

"We are thrilled to be recognised as a Top Rated ESG company in 2023 by Sustainalytics," said Suann Guthrie, Senior Vice President of Investor Relations, Sustainability & Communications. "We see opportunity where others see waste, for both our shareholders and the planet. This rating reflects our commitment to sustainability, responsible business practices, and strong governance."

Darling Ingredients' commitment to ESG issues is embedded throughout the organisation, starting with its board of directors and senior leadership. The company has set science-based targets and aims to achieve net-zero emissions from its operations by 2050. Detailed information about Darling Ingredients' ESG commitments can be found at darlingii.com/sustainability.

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