Daimler Truck Unveils Eco-Friendly Financial Strategy

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Daimler Truck's business strategy is clearly oriented towards emission-free driving and decarbonisation. To facilitate this vision, the company has released its "Green Finance Framework," providing the groundwork for issuing "green bonds" and exploring other environmentally conscious financing options.

The primary focus of these funds will be to support sustainable initiatives, including the development and production of emission-free trucks and buses, as well as the generation of renewable energy for electricity and heat.

Claus Bässler, Head of Treasury & Tax at Daimler Truck, emphasises the company's commitment to positioning itself in the market for green financing instruments, thereby driving the sustainable transformation of the group. By offering investors the opportunity to participate in this endeavour, Daimler Truck aims to diversify its financing portfolio.

Daimler Truck's Green Finance Framework has garnered the highest ratings of "Dark Green" and "Excellent" from CICERO Shades of Green, an esteemed independent research-based evaluator. This recognition underscores the framework's alignment with industry-leading standards, including the ICMA Green Bond Principles and the LMA and APLMA Green Loan Principles.

Firmly dedicated to the Paris Climate Protection Agreement and decarbonisation, Daimler Truck places transformation and sustainability at the core of its business strategy. The company is committed to developing eco-friendly transport solutions for both goods and passengers, with a strong focus on products, production, and the supply chain.

Key to achieving these goals is the dual technology strategy, with a focus on both battery-electric and hydrogen drives, which form the foundation of the future product portfolio. Already boasting eight battery-electric truck and bus models in series production, Daimler Truck plans to expand its offerings with two additional models by the end of 2023.

Daimler Truck has taken significant strides in making its own production CO2-neutral at its European locations through the adoption of CO2-free electricity from renewable sources like solar, wind, and hydropower.

The company aims to replicate this achievement at its locations in the USA, Japan, and India by 2025, with a global CO2-neutral target set for 2039. Through these ambitious efforts, Daimler Truck remains steadfast in its pursuit of a sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

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