Clearwater Intl. Unveils ESG Corporate Finance Service

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Global advisory firm Clearwater International has introduced a tailored service to assist mid-market companies in addressing corporate finance gaps. The objective is to enhance the ESG performance of these firms, ultimately increasing their attractiveness to investors and valuation.

As societal and environmental expectations mount, companies face reputational risks and potential devaluation if they fail to address their impact. The growing significance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors has led investors to actively avoid companies perceived as lacking sustainability practices.

For mid-market firms, addressing these concerns presents a challenge. While 97% of UK deal participants prioritise or consider ESG during transactions, with 60% rejecting deals due to related concerns, smaller firms have limited resources to allocate towards robust ESG policies.

Clearwater International has introduced a service to assist mid-market firms in improving their ESG capabilities, which are crucial for raising finance and achieving sustainable growth. The bespoke ESG Advisory service applies customised versions of widely adopted best practice frameworks to help businesses concentrate on relevant operational factors, identify risks, enhance resilience, establish consistent reporting models, and develop improvement plans.

Mark Taylor, the UK CEO of Clearwater International, stated that the service addresses the increasing significance of ESG in daily business operations and future strategies. The company has invested in a dedicated team to guide business owners through this area, aligning with their broader commitment to ESG. As a leading mid-market advisor in Europe, they anticipate that supporting all businesses will elevate ESG standards for the benefit of all stakeholders.

The service is provided by Clearwater's impact team and aims to establish a professionalised ESG platform that supports performance, transaction processes, company valuation, and access to debt funding. One key feature is the inclusion of an 'ESG Health Check' as part of Clearwater's core advisory offer. This assessment evaluates every new client against 38 performance indicators, resulting in an overall grade, a balanced scorecard, and preliminary recommendations.

Jo Daley, Director and Head of Impact at Clearwater International, emphasised that mid-market businesses often lack the expertise and capacity to ensure a robust ESG strategy aligns with their growth and investment objectives. Clearwater, with its access to management and potential investors during crucial stages of a business's development, is well-positioned to establish a consistent and scalable ESG reporting framework and a delivery plan that sets the foundation for long-term success.

Clearwater International is a consultancy specialising in corporate finance advice for mid-market transactions. With offices in 17 locations and over 365 staff members across Europe, North America, and Asia, the company offers its services on a global scale.

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