CEMEX Makes Use of CO2 and Turns it Into Sustainable Aviation Fuel

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CEMEX, a Mexican building materials company, has joined a group that will blend hydrogen and carbon dioxide to create a sustainable aircraft fuel. In this landmark initiative, CEMEX joins forces with Sasol and ENERTRAG. The partnership is one of several initiatives aimed at transforming CEMEX's Rüdersdorf plant into the world's first net-zero CO2 cement production.

CEMEX has joined forces with Sasol ecoFT, an integrated chemicals and energy firm, and ENERTRAG, a renewable energy company, in a landmark initiative that will blend CO2 and hydrogen to make sustainable aviation fuel. This project is part of CEMEX's Future in Action programme, which aims to minimise the company's carbon footprint and contribute to the circular economy. It is also a key component of CEMEX's master plan to make its Rüdersdorf cement factory carbon neutral by 2030.

ENERTRAG will supply the consortium with green hydrogen produced from wind and solar energy. The CO2 will be supplied by CEMEX's Rüdersdorf cement factory in Germany, which will initially provide 100 tonnes of CO2 each day. Sasol ecoFT will then contribute its cutting-edge technology to the production of e-kerosene, which can be combined to make up to 50% of jet fuel once certified.

Fernando A. Gonzalez, CEO of CEMEX, said: "We are excited to be part of this groundbreaking project that will contribute to the decarbonisation of two of the world’s key industries. The path to carbon neutrality will be built with innovation, and we remain committed to being at the forefront in developing new circular technologies and processes.”

The chemical reaction in cement kilns accounts for 60% of carbon emissions in the cement manufacturing process. These emissions must be caught, stored, or reused to achieve carbon neutrality. CEMEX is leading the way in these technologies thanks to collaborations with other industries, its R&D center's work, and investments from CEMEX Ventures, the company's venture capital arm.

Over 20 startups, universities, corporations from various industries, and government agencies are part of the Rüdersdorf carbon neutral alliance, which is trying to develop industrial-scale solutions using cutting-edge technologies to build the world's first carbon-neutral cement plant.


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