Celeros Flow Technology: Powering a Sustainable Future

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Celeros Flow Technology is embarking on an exciting new chapter in their journey, marked by a fresh mission: to assist their customers in attaining their energy objectives while aligning with their sustainability aspirations.

Their vision revolves around making sustainability the pivotal driving force behind product development and lifecycle services.

According to Jose Larios, President and CEO of Celeros Flow Technology, "The company has been dedicated to enhancing efficiency and curbing emissions since its establishment in 2020. However, they find themselves at a crucial juncture where the world seeks energy security with minimal emissions, presenting opportunities for both their customers and their own operations."

The company's new mission distinctly outlines how their flow control solutions can aid customers in achieving sustainability targets by reducing carbon emissions and environmental footprints.

Celeros Flow Technology is committed to engineering a more sustainable future by crafting products for emerging applications such as carbon capture and storage, new nuclear technologies, and renewable energy.

They also remain dedicated to assisting existing customers in the conventional power and energy sector in their decarbonisation efforts. This collective effort aims to create a cleaner, safer, and more resilient energy future.

Celeros Flow Technology has identified new energy, nuclear, and defence as areas of significant growth. However, they emphasise their unwavering commitment to supporting customers across the entire energy spectrum as the world transitions to more sustainable energy resources.

Jose underscores the importance of modernising existing assets to minimise emissions and energy consumption. Celeros Flow Technology aids this process by developing low-emission flow control technology and optimising assets through maintenance and upgrades. Their comprehensive lifecycle solutions are meticulously designed to support customers in these endeavours and deliver sustainable returns.

In alignment with their new mission, Celeros Flow Technology has made strategic investments, including a nuclear testing facility in France that facilitates the development of safety-critical pumps for the next generation of EPR2 nuclear reactors.

Additionally, they are undertaking significant modernisation at their ClydeUnion Pumps facility in Glasgow, incorporating environmental and energy upgrades to enable the production of pumps that bolster national energy security and sustainability objectives. Moreover, their Valves business has recently introduced the CFT-Green Valve Packing System, designed to significantly reduce fugitive emissions, while their signature Bandlock™2 Closures are now hydrogen-ready.

The company has set ambitious goals for their own operations, aiming to achieve carbon neutrality in the coming years and ultimately reach net zero emissions by 2050. They are actively collaborating with industry-leading partners to transform these aspirations into a reality.

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Source: Celeros Flow Technology


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