CBRE Partners to Decarbonise Global Supply Chain

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CBRE Group, Inc.

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CBRE Group, Inc. announced a strategic partnership with Emitwise, a leading carbon accounting software provider, to collect greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) data from its supply chain and provide carbon accounting capabilities to its suppliers.

As part of the partnership, CBRE will make a strategic investment in Emitwise.

“Decarbonising supply chains requires breakthroughs in using technology and data in new ways to simplify the challenges of managing complex value chains,” said Robert Bernard, CBRE Chief Sustainability Officer. “We are excited to partner with Emitwise to help our clients reduce their carbon impact and support our efforts to decarbonise our own supply chain.”

The partnership with Emitwise enables suppliers to calculate more accurate carbon impacts and learn where to focus efforts to accelerate decarbonisation. In addition, CBRE clients will gain better insight into their value chain at scale by having exclusive access to precisely accurate data and high-impact decarbonisation opportunities.

“Emitwise equips companies with the data they need to make critical procurement decisions that de-risk their supply chain in a world transitioning to net zero,” said Mauro Cozzi, Co-founder and CEO of Emitwise. “We are thrilled to partner with CBRE on their efforts to reduce emissions across their supply chain.”

Emitwise will play a key role in advancing CBRE’s net zero strategy by helping to track and reduce Scope 3 emissions in both the company’s and its clients’ supply chains.

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