Castrol Launches First Carbon-Neutral Automobile Workshop in Middle East

Published on: 31 May 2022
by KnowESG

Castrol lubricants in the UAE and German Experts Car Maintenance have partnered to reduce carbon emissions by modifying clean-up, storage, and disposal techniques, going beyond all industry norms to safeguard the environment.

The German Experts Car Maintenance workshop in Dubai will get its energy from sustainable sources or through carbon offsets obtained by its management team.

Ibrahim Ezaldeen, Managing Director of German Experts Car Maintenance, at the announcement of the partnership, said:

"A car maintenance workshop like ours is not perceived as the most environmentally friendly of businesses. Many workshops around the world use a lot of electricity, oil, gas and water to power the service area and spray booths."

“While we are constantly looking for avenues to reduce the emissions, I am now looking into the possibility of reducing carbon footprint through optimal energy consumption, using best-in-class practices for waste disposal, reducing plastics, and implementing turnkey sustainability solutions to solve complex energy challenges. As far as I’m concerned, running a carbon-neutral business is inevitably going to be the future.”

German Experts Car Maintenance, in collaboration with Castrol and EnviroLink, analysed its carbon footprint and offset its emissions through UN-certified climate action programmes.

EnviroLink, a leading provider of sustainability solutions, was tasked with evaluating German Experts' carbon footprint using a variety of data and evidence.

The extent of the task and all other details were then rigorously reviewed by competent third-party auditors for German Experts Car Maintenance to be certified as a carbon-neutral facility.

To offset the emissions, German Experts Car Maintenance purchased UN-approved carbon credits, making it the first automobile workshop in the Middle East to achieve carbon neutrality.

Mazen Shamseddine, Castrol Sales Director in the Middle East, said:

"Becoming certified as a carbon-neutral facility not only demonstrates that a business is acting on the challenge of climate change but also shows it is helping unlock a range of important economic, social and environmental benefits for less advantaged communities around the world."

Source: Gulf News

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