Caleres launches Sustainability Standard for Footwear

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Caleres, renowned as a leading collection of consumer-driven footwear brands, has unveiled the innovative "One Planet Standard" designation, reserved for products that meet or surpass a 51% rating on its Sustainable Footwear Index.

The One Planet Standard represents a holistic evaluation of a product's sustainability, encompassing its entire life cycle. This assessment revolves around six core pillars: reduction in waste, choice of materials, eco-friendly packaging, supplier commitments to Environmental Social Governance (ESG), brand philanthropy initiatives, and environmentally responsible end-of-life solutions.

Each shoe undergoes a comprehensive evaluation, with sustainability features that demand greater commitment and investment, earning higher scores.

Notably, around 75% of the products owned by Caleres incorporate environmentally preferable materials, and close to 20% meet the stringent criteria required to earn the coveted One Planet Standard designation. The company's ambition is to continually innovate and expand its lineup of products, meeting this prestigious standard thereby, setting a new benchmark for manufacturing excellence.

Shoes that successfully meet the One Planet Standard are clearly distinguished on Caleres brand websites with a distinctive One Planet Standard icon, making it effortless for consumers to identify these eco-conscious products.

Natelle Baddeley, Chief Design and Product Officer for Caleres expressed pride in introducing the One Planet Standard as part of their ongoing ESG efforts.

She emphasised the company's commitment to producing shoes that are not only stylish and comfortable but also environmentally responsible. By making thoughtful decisions regarding design, material selection, and production methods, Caleres seeks to promote a sustainable approach that is not only beneficial for business but is also the morally right course of action.

Jennifer Olsen, Chief Marketing Officer, noted the growing consumer focus on sustainable products and brands. The One Planet Standard designation serves as a valuable tool for consumers to swiftly recognise eco-friendly items within Caleres' portfolio. It aligns with the company's dedication to simplifying the shopping experience and helping consumers make informed choices while providing the products they desire.

For more information on the One Planet Standard, please click here. Additionally, you can access Caleres' 2022 ESG Summary report here.

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Source: Caleres


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