C.F. Martin Introduces Plastic-Free Guitar

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C.F. Martin & Co. has proudly announced a significant achievement: the official attainment of the Preferred by Nature Sustainability Framework certification for their exceptional Martin OM Biosphere guitar.

This remarkable milestone positions the company as the inaugural recipient of this prestigious certification within the United States and only the second globally.

The Martin OM Biosphere guitar, a testament to Martin's unwavering commitment to the protection and revival of coral reefs, has been meticulously crafted to showcase this noble cause.

Coral reefs, renowned for their unparalleled biodiversity and immense ecological value, find a dedicated advocate in Martin through this innovative model. Notably, the OM Biosphere is distinguished by its 100% FSC® certification (license code FSC-C008304), cementing its role as a beacon of sustainable practices.

Remarkably, it stands as the second plastic-free guitar in current production, succeeding the 00L Earth guitar. Not to be outdone, even the guitar's gig bag reflects Martin's forward-thinking sustainability ethos, being crafted from hemp—an inaugural endeavour for the company.

With the acquisition of the Preferred by Nature certification, the OM Biosphere guitar will now feature the coveted Preferred by Nature Hummingbird Seal.

This esteemed emblem is a testament to Martin's resolute dedication and represents a formidable achievement that the company takes immense pride in.

Diverging from conventional labels, the Hummingbird Seal amalgamates sustainability considerations with climate prerequisites, emerging as a holistic symbol of sustainable practices.

It encompasses rigorous sustainability benchmarks, encompassing not only adherence to foundational principles but also mandating carbon compensation and offset initiatives to mitigate ecological footprints.

Cindy McAllister, Martin's Director of Intellectual Property, Community, and Government Relations, aptly captures the alignment between Preferred by Nature and Martin's shared vision.

She articulates, "Preferred by Nature and Martin share the same vision: "To pass on the Earth to coming generations in a good shape, we must urgently invent and adopt more sustainable ways of living, sourcing and trading."

Cindy expresses her immense pride and enthusiasm in Martin's successful alignment of the OM Biosphere with the Preferred by Nature Sustainability Framework Programme.

Stepping into the spotlight, Preferred by Nature emerges as a non-profit entity steadfastly dedicated to promoting enhanced land management and business practices that simultaneously benefit humanity, nature, and the climate.

With over a quarter-century of impactful endeavours spanning 100+ countries, Preferred by Nature has orchestrated tangible solutions to induce positive transformations in production landscapes and supply chains. Their focal point remains land use, primarily in the realms of forests, agriculture, and commodities with climate implications, complemented by sectors such as tourism and ecosystem restoration.

Central to Preferred by Nature's operations is the multifaceted and adaptable Sustainability Framework, a testament to its relentless pursuit of sustainable practices across diverse sectors.

This Framework encompasses a comprehensive array of principles, criteria, and indicators spanning environmental, social, economic, and climate dimensions. By pledging allegiance to the Sustainability Framework, companies etch their commitment to responsible resource management, upholding human rights, and conserving nature, collectively steering the course towards a future defined by sustainability and equity.

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Source: C.F. Martin


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