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Budderfly, a leading sustainability partner for businesses with recurring footprints, has announced a substantial partnership expansion with O'Charley's and 99 Restaurants, both managed by Restaurant Growth Services, LLC. Budderfly's Energy Efficiency as a Service solution will be introduced to 175 restaurants, which represents 70 per cent of the two brands' total establishments.

Budderfly offers a comprehensive, one-stop solution for outsourced energy management by providing upfront investment in energy-efficient technology and equipment upgrades for the brands' locations, as well as ongoing measurement, monitoring, and maintenance.

Budderfly's investment of around $117,000 per restaurant will assist the brands in conserving capital expenditure, decreasing operating costs, and significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Collectively, the estimated cost savings in operating expenses, which include avoiding equipment replacements and maintenance and reducing utility costs, provide over $20 million in value to the brands during the ten-year agreement's duration.

“O’Charley’s and 99 Restaurants collectively spend over $13 million per year on electricity – that is almost $37,000 per day. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were seeking ways to conserve our cash flow while also dealing with aging facilities and equipment. The success of our initial rollout with Budderfly demonstrated the huge opportunity to improve our business operations and cut costs while being better stewards of the environment,” said Mark Spurgin, chief supply chain officer, Restaurant Growth Services, LLC. “We’re thrilled about the growth of our partnership and look forward to bringing additional restaurant locations on board in the year to come.”

Budderfly aims to reduce energy consumption in each restaurant by 30 per cent, resulting in the prevention of over 15,000-megawatt hours annually. This goal will significantly decrease the restaurant chains' carbon footprint, with an impact equivalent to the consumption of over a million gallons of gasoline or the removal of 2,700 gas-powered cars from the road for one year.

Budderfly will offer a contractually committed energy usage discount to each restaurant and a centralised platform for utility billing management, consolidation, and reporting. All non-LED interior and exterior light fixtures will be replaced with LED, while outdated rooftop HVAC units will be replaced with new high-efficiency units. Budderfly's suite of interconnected technologies and controls will aid in further reducing, measuring, and managing energy consumption in restaurants.

“The brand expansions with O’Charley’s and 99 Restaurants have helped define a year of explosive growth for Budderfly in which we have brought on nearly 900 new customer locations. Our business model is a proven recipe for scalability and impact, and we’re excited to support the O’Charley’s and 99 Restaurants brands on their growth and sustainability journey,” said Al Subbloie, founder and CEO, Budderfly.

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