Black & Veatch Acquires Bird Electric

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Black & Veatch has acquired Bird Electric Enterprises and Bird Electric Properties, both of which are part of BASElectric Holdings, LLC.

This acquisition has been made in response to the increasing demand for construction solutions to address the megatrends affecting the world. The move will accelerate the growth of both companies by combining key industry engineering, construction, and procurement talent and business enabling resources.

Bird Electric is a US-based self-perform electrical construction services provider that caters to electric utility clients and has a national reach in emergency power restoration. Black & Veatch intends to grow in this area. Bird Electric has over 600 employees and long-standing relationships with fuel producers. Its capabilities are relevant to other adjacent linear and distributed construction markets and solutions that Black & Veatch serves.

The acquisition of Bird Electric and its operations will enhance Black & Veatch's capabilities and reach in the growing Grid Solutions market. It will also provide the company with broader career and personal growth opportunities for its professionals. Bird Electric will operate as a Black & Veatch Company with enhanced capabilities and reach in adjacent linear and distributed infrastructure markets and solutions such as EV charging, renewables, and connectivity.

Bird Electric and Black & Veatch have worked together in the past, which has created opportunities to expand their reach and apply the knowledge gained from working together to meet clients' growing demands in new markets. The companies have industry-leading safety records, strong training programs, and a solid geographic footprint. Bird Electric also brings an industry-leading apprenticeship program that is certified by the Department of Labor to the combined company.

Mario Azar, Black & Veatch Chairman & CEO, has described the acquisition of Bird Electric as a historic event that builds upon the company's world-class capabilities and integrated solutions offerings. It aligns with the vision of both companies to expand their solutions in the markets they serve, bring construction capabilities to a wider client base, and provide broader career and personal growth opportunities to their professionals.

The investment is timely and poised to produce greater value for the company and its employee-owners, as the global push for decarbonisation and sustainability has driven the growth of markets and solutions such as EV charging, renewables, and connectivity.

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Source: Black & Veatch


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