BIP Acquires Verco, Going Net Zero

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BIP, a prominent multinational consulting firm, has announced its acquisition of Verco, an esteemed energy management and sustainability enterprise recognised for delivering zero-carbon solutions to a diverse range of organisations.

Verco, a Certified B Corporation, specialises in aiding companies within industrial, central government, retail, and commercial real estate sectors in minimising their environmental footprint through data-driven analysis, net-zero strategies, and transition plans.

This strategic alliance underscores the shared commitment of BIP and Verco to sustainability and combating climate change. More than 80 Verco professionals focused on achieving net zero will collaborate with BIP’s Sustainability Centre of Excellence, enhancing the scope and impact of their services for the betterment of society and the planet.

This collaboration provides access to expanded resources, cutting-edge technologies, research assets, expertise, and international talent. It empowers clients of BIP and Verco to more effectively pursue their sustainability and ESG goals in a dynamically changing landscape.

The acquisition aligns with BIP Group’s broader strategy for non-organic growth, aiming to enhance its geographic coverage, offer cutting-edge technologies, and leverage international expertise and talent in the global market. In addition to the UK, BIP is actively exploring options, with a particular focus on France and Germany.

Danilo Perrucci, Head of Sustainability & Energy Management Global at BIP, expresses enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate closely with Verco, an organisation that shares our commitment to providing solutions for a zero-carbon future. As the world grapples with the adverse effects of climate change, we anticipate leveraging our combined strengths to meet the increasing demand for net-zero and sustainability support across diverse business sectors.”

Dave Worthington, Managing Director at Verco, adds, “Our mission at Verco is to contribute solutions for a zero-carbon world by making a substantial impact on global carbon targets, fostering a community of passionate professionals, and establishing long-term collaborations and partnerships. Strengthened by BIP’s expertise, geographic reach, and sectoral breadth, we are poised to accelerate our mission rapidly.”

This acquisition signals the commencement of an exciting new chapter, propelling both companies to amplify their sustainable impacts on a global scale.

BIP received legal assistance from the esteemed law firm Allen & Overy, led by Paolo Nastasi (Partner), with support from Enrico Roveda (Associate), Davide Cinefra (Associate), Chiara Basile Baldassarre (Trainee) in the Milan office, and Harsh Pais (Partner), Gareth Banfield (Counsel), Andrew Pang (Associate), Frederic Pilkington (Associate) in the London office. KPMG oversaw all legal, labor, tax, and financial due diligence activities.

On BIP’s side, legal activities were coordinated by Group General Counsel Lodovico Bianchi Di Giulio, while the M&A Team led by Managing Partner Andrea Airaghi and consisting of Giovanni Errante Parrino (Director) and Stefano Luciano (Manager) managed all phases of the transaction up to closing.

Verco received advice from Waypoint Partners, Lee & Thompson LLP, Parisi Tax LLP, and Francis Clark LLP.

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Source: BIP


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