Biffa, Timberpak Partner on Wood Recycling

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Biffa, the foremost sustainable waste management company in the UK, has partnered with Timberpak Ltd, a waste wood recycling company, to introduce a groundbreaking circular recycling initiative for the John Lewis Partnership, the largest employee-owned business in the UK.

Timberpak Ltd, a major player in recycled timber processing, sources materials utilised by its affiliate, EGGER (UK) Ltd, to manufacture carbon-negative Eurodekor Faced Chipboard for the furniture, interior design, and building sectors.

In this innovative collaboration, Biffa will collect and organise waste wood from John Lewis’ Milton Keynes facility, transporting it to Timberpak Ltd’s site in Leeds. Following processing, the material will be transformed into Eurodekor Faced Chipboard at EGGER (UK) Ltd’s production site in Northumberland.

Comprising over 40% recycled wood, this versatile product is employed to fashion kitchen cabinets that seamlessly reintegrate into John Lewis’ supply chain, completing a sustainable closed-loop cycle.

Timberpak Ltd is dedicated to keeping wood waste within the supply chain, ensuring nothing goes to landfills. The commitment of Timberpak Ltd and EGGER (UK) Ltd to maximising wood utility reduces the need for virgin fibre in the chipboard product. The unique combination of wood ingredients in Eurodekor Faced Chipboard presents a carbon-negative solution, with more carbon absorbed during wood growth than required for production.

Joshua Jolliffe, Corporate Account Manager at Biffa, emphasised, “A key aspect of our sustainability strategy is fostering a successful circular economy. This initiative with Timberpak Ltd and John Lewis transforms a common waste stream into a valuable resource, reducing environmental impact and carbon emissions.”

Connor Paterson, Business Development Manager at Timberpak Ltd, expressed delight in collaborating with Biffa to provide a sustainable waste wood recycling solution for John Lewis. The partnership extends the closed-loop cycle, processing waste wood into high-quality chipboard kitchen cabinets.

Marija Rompani, Director of Ethics and Sustainability at John Lewis Partnership, conveyed pride in launching the Biffa and Timberpak recycling scheme. She noted its design for efficient resource use and alignment with circular business models, emphasising the significance of avoiding waste and minimising resource extraction to move towards a circular economy and achieve their net-zero ambition.

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Source: Biffa


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