Bain & Company and Schneider Electric Partner to Advance Corporate Decarbonisation

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Bain & Company announced a worldwide strategic partnership with Schneider Electric, a leading global sustainability and engineering consulting business focusing on energy management and reducing carbon emissions.

Over the next 25 years, more than 4,000 companies have agreed to meet science-based carbon reduction goals. However, many of these companies are having trouble meeting these goals. Companies also need to act quickly because investors are putting more pressure on them and because laws about emissions, climate risk, and transparency are getting stricter.

The new partnership will bring together Bain & Company's deep advisory expertise in decarbonisation and its capabilities across industries in manufacturing excellence, such as supply chain enhancement, performance improvement, and operational delivery, with Schneider Electric's market-leading experience in designing and implementing clients' carbon reduction and energy use transformations.

The partnership comes after several highly successful collaborations between the two companies that have shown how their combined expertise can help clients.

“At Bain & Company, we are constantly enhancing the breadth and depth of our capabilities and expertise to help our clients accomplish their ESG goals and secure the greatest potential and value from their decarbonisation and energy efficiency journeys. Our partnership with Schneider Electric will be a critical accelerator of our ambition in this arena, providing us with a key partner as we work with leading companies to forge a more sustainable and profitable future for their businesses, investors, and communities,” said Hernan Saenz, partner and leader of Bain’s Global Performance Improvement practice.

“The global demand for corporate decarbonisation has accelerated rapidly, driving new pressures on companies to make meaningful progress on energy efficiency, renewable energy procurement, and electrification,” said Steve Wilhite, President of Schneider Electric’s global Sustainability Business. "Our partnership with Bain & Company will help our clients with decarbonisation and the energy transition, making them more resilient and getting results faster."

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