Avetta Wins 2 Stevie® Awards for ESG & Supply Chain

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KnowESG_Avetta Wins 2 Stevie® Awards for ESG & Supply Chain
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Avetta, a supply chain risk management platform, has been awarded two Stevie® Awards for its innovative ESG management solution.

The company was recognised for its "urgent need for companies to obtain greater supply chain transparency" and its "impressive" capabilities.

Global ESG regulations have increased by 155% in the last decade, and some multiple frameworks and regulations vary by jurisdiction and the evolving global landscape. This has made it difficult for companies to manage their ESG risks and meet sustainability goals.

Avetta's ESG management solution addresses this challenge by tailoring due diligence requirements to each supplier's service industry, size, and geo-location. Companies can assess suppliers against multiple globally adopted ESG frameworks and United Nations Global Codes of Conduct and build customised sustainability scores to align with their ESG strategy.

Avetta also provides robust support to suppliers, including:

  • Easy-to-use self-evaluation forms that can be completed in 15 minutes or less

  • Free access to Greenhouse Gas emission calculators, carbon offsets, and data-driven tips to improve ESG scores and performance

  • Supplier training, education, and webinars, including on-demand translation support for over 250 languages

  • Avetta's platform capabilities and robust supplier support infrastructure enable companies to benchmark and improve ESG performance throughout their entire supply chain.

The Stevie® Awards are the world's premier business awards programme. They recognise outstanding performances in a wide range of industries and disciplines. Avetta is honoured to be recognised by the Stevie Awards for its innovative ESG management solution.

Some highlights:

  • Avetta's ESG management solution is used by over 1,000 organisations in 60 countries.

  • The solution has helped companies reduce their ESG risks, improve their sustainability performance, and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Avetta is committed to helping companies achieve their ESG goals and build a more sustainable future.

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Source: Avetta


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