Audley Travel Advances Sustainability Goals

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Audley Travel has made significant headway in achieving its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets for 2022, successfully attaining 33 of its 36 goals.

The company stated that it will continue working towards the remaining three goals in 2023. The ESG Framework encompasses five key areas—environment, workplace, communities, marketplace, and governance—that it aims to enhance.

In the previous year, Audley Travel evaluated its offerings to identify sustainable products, resulting in the addition of 133 accommodations and experiences that met the operator's sustainability criteria.

Furthermore, the employees contributed over 2,296 hours towards volunteering, with 57% of the staff donating at least half a day.

The company also conducted two educational sessions in London and Witney, as well as two in Boston, reaching 112 students from groups that were previously underrepresented in the industry.

Audley Travel is committed to long-term carbon reduction efforts, including the calculation of the carbon footprints of its clients' trips.

In collaboration with carbon reduction consultant ecollective, the company discovered that 98.4% of its overall carbon footprint is a result of Scope 3 emissions, and around 90% of the total emissions come from client travel.

Heather Magnussen, the Responsible Travel and Sustainability Manager at Audley Travel, emphasised the company's dedication to preserving and revitalising the environments and communities visited by their clients, stating that responsible travel has always been a part of Audley's DNA.

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