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Aston Martin has achieved carbon-neutral manufacturing at its Gaydon and St. Athan facilities, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to sustainability.

This achievement comes a year after the company announced its Racing. Green. sustainability strategy, as it continues to strive towards becoming a leading sustainable ultra-luxury business.

Aston Martin's latest sustainability report highlights the company's ongoing efforts to minimise its environmental impact. The luxury car manufacturer has implemented various measures, including reducing CO2 emissions from its manufacturing processes and supply chain, to achieve this goal.

Moreover, Aston Martin's Racing. Green. programme has now extended to offsetting Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions using Gold Standard verified projects that combat climate change. This move is a significant step towards the company's goal of obtaining PAS 2060 certification by the end of 2023 and operating carbon-neutral manufacturing facilities by 2030.

The company has teamed up with Climate Impact Partners, an organisation that specialises in carbon market solutions for climate action. Through its dedicated Racing. Green. emissions reduction programme, Aston Martin will fund projects that reduce CO2 emissions while supporting the transition to a low-carbon global economy.

It is currently supporting a wind power portfolio project in Turkey as part of its sustainability efforts. This project involves the installation of over 120 wind turbines, which generate roughly 575,000 MWh of clean electricity annually in a country that heavily relies on natural gas and oil. The project is especially critical as Turkey has experienced severe infrastructure damage from recent devastating earthquakes.

Aston Martin has committed to renewable energy since 2019 and all of its manufacturing facilities are powered by 100% renewable electricity. The company is also focused on advancing new renewable electricity generation projects at its facilities to reduce dependence on the national electricity distribution network and increase clean electricity supply to others.

The installation of solar panels at the Aston Martin Works facility and heritage dealership in Newport Pagnell supports up to 90% of the energy used during summer months, while plans are in place to introduce thousands of solar panels at the DBX SUV manufacturing plant in St Athan to generate around 20% of the plant's total annual demand.

Aston Martin's Racing. Green. sustainability strategy has contributed to a 12.2% decrease in electricity usage across facilities. LED lighting installed at St Athan has saved over 24,000kg of CO2 emissions annually. Additionally, the company achieved a 3.9% reduction in CO2 emissions per car manufactured in 2022 compared to 2021, driven by increased energy use effectiveness, including manufacturing efficiencies delivered through the streamlined paintshop strategy.

Aston Martin is progressing towards an electrified future with its first Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), Valhalla, set for delivery in 2024. The company's first Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) is targeted for launch in 2025, with a fully electrified sports cars and SUV portfolio planned for 2030.

According to Amedeo Felisa, CEO of Aston Martin Lagonda, the Racing. Green. sustainability strategy is helping to shape the company's transformation as it takes action to make sustainability central to everything it does. The company aims to intensify its focus on delivery, including achieving certified carbon neutral manufacturing, to become a world-leading sustainable ultra-luxury automotive business.

Racing. Green. was launched in April 2022 and formalises core principles that reflect Aston Martin's established approach to sustainability. The strategy sets bold new targets across all aspects of the business, with a focus on tackling climate change, creating a better environment, and building a stronger, more diverse company.

For more information on Aston Martin's Racing. Green. sustainability strategy and to download the 2022 report, visit their website.

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