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Sustainable household paper brand, The Good Roll, is launching in the UK for the very first time in an exclusive deal with supermarket giant Asda.

The Amsterdam-based business produces paper products, including toilet rolls and kitchen towels, that are good for the planet and give back to communities across West Africa.

Hailed as 100% tree-friendly, The Good Roll products are made from 100% bamboo and not only contain twice as many sheets as a standard roll, but they are free from chemicals like chlorine, colourants, and fragrances. In addition, the packaging is completely plastic-free.

Through its foundation, the business also donates 50% of its profits to building and maintaining toilets in places where a clean and safe toilet is not a given. The Good Roll Foundation also works closely with the charity Days for Girls to provide essential education to children in these communities about proper hygiene and menstrual cycles.

Six SKUs will land on shelves in over 300 Asda stores across the UK on July 10, including a range of ‘naked’ toilet and kitchen rolls as well as colourfully wrapped rolls that are designed to add a splash of colour to eco-conscious consumers’ kitchens and bathrooms. The products will be exclusively sold in Asda for six months at an RRP of between £3.50 – £6.

The launch into Asda comes on the back of a successful win in Asda’s Merchant’s Den programme. The retailer designed the programme to support businesses in launching new products; driving market share, and an impactful launch plan.

Commenting on their first foray into the UK retail market, Sander de Klerk, founder of The Good Roll, said:

“We’re incredibly excited to be bringing our products to the UK for the very first time and are pleased to be working exclusively with Asda on this journey.

“We believe that clean water and safe sanitation are at the core of a healthy, happy and dignified life. That’s why we make and sell sustainable bamboo toilet paper and invest 50% of our net profit in the construction and maintenance of toilet facilities. In addition, we care about making a positive impact on a local scale, which is why all our good rolls are wrapped and packed in social workshops in The Netherlands. By using The Good Roll, shoppers are making a positive impact every time nature calls.”

Sarah Yorke, Buying Manager for Household Paper at Asda, added:

“We love everything about The Good Roll’s ethos – not only the positive impact they have in less developed communities but also the fact that their products are produced using sustainable materials, are fully recyclable and made in Europe, so they don’t need to be shipped from the other side of the world. We can’t wait to be able to offer our shoppers a more-ecofriendly product within our range.”

Asda’s next Merchant’s Den programme runs on a quarterly basis, and products are nominated for the programme via the trading teams.

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