Amundi US to Formalize ESG Factors for Global Equity Fund

Published on: 16 February 2022 08:31 PM
by KnowESG

A Brief Summary

Amundi US recently announced new investment policies and strategies for the Pioneer Global Sustainable Equity Fund- formerly the Pioneer Equity Fund- structuring and giving shape to consider ESG factors as part of the fund's investment approach.

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The funds managed by the company are Pioneer's Global Sustainable Growth and Global Sustainable Value Funds, in addition to the Pioneer Global Sustainable Equity Fund, which comes third in the firm's sustainable range.

The Global Sustainable Equity Fund entails a new investment policy and strategies to structure and shape the firm's focus on ESG criteria, said Amundi. At least 80% of the net assets will be invested in securities by the fund that is adhering to ESG criteria.

The firm rules out investments in issuers involved in the production of tobacco products and military weapons that are controversial, consisting of cluster weapons, anti-personnel mines, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

The portfolio management team monitors such investments demonstrating a durable competitive and financial position that increase shareholder value and offers products and services through the best business practices.

Charles Melanie, Head of Marketing and Product Development, Americas, for Amundi US, said: “We are seeing growing investor interest in exposure to sustainable investments, and this lineup of funds offers investors access to experienced portfolio management teams who leverage the extensive resources of our global expertise in ESG research to identify opportunities in sustainable investments worldwide.”