American Battery Solutions Launches Energy Storage Division

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American Battery Solutions has created an energy storage system division to increase its focus on implementing technology and services to help support commercial and industrial energy transitions.

The division will be branded ABS ESS and the launch includes a lithium-ion battery energy storage platform, specifically designed for large-scale projects, and an energy management technology system. American Battery Solutions says it is introducing the products to help meet the growing demand for more energy storage capacity.

The battery storage system is called TeraStor and supports more than 7.2-megawatt hours of storage, and 3.5 MW of integrated invert capacity. The energy management system is called StorView, which is designed to optimize the battery storage system’s operations.

Battery storage is a growing part of energy transitions, and the Energy Information Administration predicted earlier this year that battery storage in the United States would grow by 84% in 2022 compared to 2021. Corporate funding of battery storage also increased 159% last year, with $17 billion worth of deals, according to Mercom Capital Group.

Storage systems help improve reliability and resiliency with backup power that can be applied to individual areas and buildings or even the entire grid, according to the Energy Storage Association. Storage can also supply the energy needs to even out and match shifts in demand.

Such resiliency is becoming more important as businesses attempt to take more control of their individual energy needs, or as natural occurrences, such as extreme heat disrupting Texas’ power grid, take place.

ABS ESS says the battery energy storage system will optimize lithium-ion cell life and minimize stranded cell capacity to produce a greater output. It has a self-powered design, which requires no auxiliary AC infrastructure. The system also has an integrated liquid cooling system that eliminates on-site HVAC installation, which will additionally increase energy efficiency.

The Michigan-based company says that setup helps produce a 60% increase in energy density. The system also has a density of 600 MWh of energy storage per acre, ABS ESS says. The energy-dense footprint also helps accommodate sites with limited space.

The energy management system completely monitors the battery storage platform. It has what the company calls a single-point, an industry-standard interface that is coupled with third-party energy management systems. The system offers up-to-date operational information on the energy storage platform to help keep it running efficiently.

American Battery Solutions is an industrial and commercial battery manufacturer. It has worked especially with the automotive industry, including General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, BWM, and Mercedes.

Source: Environmental Leader

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