Alora Baby: Rethinking Baby Gear for a Sustainable Future

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Alora Baby is on a mission to change how we think about baby gear. Their goal is to move away from the idea of throwing things away after one use and instead create a more sustainable system.

Angus Whiston, the founder of Alora Baby, wants to break free from the idea of a "throwaway culture" for baby products. They are doing this by changing how cribs are made and how we think about what "new" really means.

What if "New" Didn't Mean Brand New?

Alora Baby takes used baby cribs and remakes them to be practically like new. They use special machines to sand and fix up the cribs. This way, the materials last longer, and we can rethink what "new" means. They use some recycled materials and some new parts to create these "new" cribs.

The company is thinking about the long term. They want to develop ideas (intellectual property) that will make cribs cheaper to remake and better for the environment. Their main goal is to make a system that works well over time.

More Than Just Making Cribs: A Sustainable System

Alora Baby is not just making cribs, they are also thinking about the whole life cycle of a crib. They want people to use the crib for a long time and then recycle it responsibly when they are done. This cuts down on waste and helps the environment. Alora Baby is a leader in the baby product industry when it comes to being sustainable.

Investors might also be interested in Alora Baby if the company can show that their system works and that people are willing to buy these sustainable cribs. By changing how people think about buying cribs and showing that a sustainable system can be profitable, Alora Baby hopes to change the whole baby product industry.

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