Alfa Laval, SSAB Unite for Carbon-Neutral Supply Chain

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Building upon their successful partnership established in 2022, Alfa Laval and SSAB are taking their commitment to sustainability to new heights.

In their latest endeavour, Alfa Laval will incorporate SSAB's groundbreaking fossil carbon emission free and recycled steel, known as SSAB Zero™, into their heat exchangers. This significant development marks a crucial milestone in the pursuit of a global carbon-neutral supply chain.

The collaboration between Alfa Laval and SSAB comes at a time when addressing carbon emissions has become paramount. Steel production alone accounts for a staggering 7 per cent of the world's carbon emissions, making it a key industry in the battle against climate change.

By integrating SSAB's fossil carbon emission free, recycled steel, which is produced through renewable-based processes, into their heat exchangers, the partnership is poised to make a substantial impact in reducing the carbon footprint associated with steel production.

The implications of this collaboration extend far beyond environmental benefits. Over 100 heat exchangers are set to be delivered this year, with even larger quantities planned for the future. These heat exchangers will revolutionise energy efficiency across various sectors, including HVAC, marine, process, and food industries.

Thomas Møller, President of the Energy Division at Alfa Laval, emphasises the company's dedication to sustainability, stating, "Alfa Laval's commitment to sustainability is further strengthened through our collaboration with SSAB. By incorporating their recycled steel in our heat exchangers, we are not only reducing our own carbon footprint but also driving the entire value chain towards a cleaner and more sustainable future."

Thomas Hörnfeldt, Head of Sustainable Business at SSAB, highlights the significance of the partnership's expansion, stating, "SSAB is really accelerating the roll-out of zero-emission steel with our newest product, SSAB Zero. We are now expanding our partnership with Alfa Laval to include SSAB Zero, and we can look forward to visible results already this year. This is great news and also allows us to help mitigate climate change even faster."

Together, Alfa Laval and SSAB are at the forefront of sustainable innovation, showcasing how collaboration and shared goals can create meaningful change in the global pursuit of a carbon-neutral future.

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Source: Alfa Laval


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