airBaltic Commits to Achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2050

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The Latvian airline airBaltic's Supervisory Board has approved the company's strategic environmental, social, and governance sustainability priorities. Among them is the commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Martin Gauss, President and CEO of airBaltic, says: “Sustainability has always been an integral part of airBaltic business and culture. Undoubtedly, it is not only about clean air but brings the focus to areas of environment, economics, technologies, corporate governance and social life. Our vision sees the airline becoming a sustainable carrier in the EU aviation market while maintaining a continuous growth path and innovative improvement of passenger experience and, at the same time, developing the Baltics as one of the key European business centres. Furthermore, our values – We deliver. We care. We grow. – state sustainability at the core of all the ways we work – how we do business and how we interact with people.”

Zita Barānova, Head of Sustainability at airBaltic, says: “Sustainability is never a stand-alone strategy, but something that companies prove with their actions. Many examples at airBaltic reflect that—for instance, choosing the most modern and green aircraft Airbus A220-300, optimising operations and using sustainable aviation fuel, gradually moving to an electric car park, offsetting CO2 emissions, and many more. Now we are moving a step further—on combining the existing and future contribution of sustainability actions to become carbon neutral in 2050.”

Following on from the foregoing, airBaltic commits to continuing its current course of maintaining and continuously developing excellent health and safety conditions, fair working and employee reward and compensation conditions, fair labour practice, diversity, non-discrimination, and inclusion, employee training and development, human right standards, and a positive impact on local communities through education.

Also, airBaltic is committed to keeping and growing the company's strong ethical, compliance, and anti-corruption standards, diversity, stakeholder involvement, shareholder rights, and open and honest communication.

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Source: airBaltic

Learn more about airBaltic's Sustainability and Annual report 2021 here


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