AC Milan and BMW Extend Sustainable Partnership

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AC Milan and BMW have joyfully announced the renewal of their partnership, initially established in 2021, with the Italian branch of BMW Group remaining as the Club's Premium Partner and Automotive Partner.

These two distinguished brands, renowned for their excellence in their respective fields, share common values such as passion, style, a hunger for challenges, pushing boundaries, and surpassing limitations.

Both entities also emphasise the significance of sustainability, recognising its strategic importance in business and its impact on the environment and society, with a special focus on the well-being of younger generations.

The objective of this partnership is to embark on a developmental journey that promotes sustainable transportation within the Club and society as a whole. The aim is to raise awareness about essential topics such as reducing carbon footprint and adopting a circular approach to business.

BMW Italia has been actively engaged in creating value for society and supporting projects that foster inclusion, integration, and environmental and social sustainability through its BMW SpecialMente project, which commenced in 2014 (including initiatives that began in 2003). AC Milan shares this commitment, consistently promoting the positive values of sports through its RespAct Manifesto and initiatives led by Fondazione Milan, the club's public charity that recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The collaboration between these two worlds first materialised with the BMW in Tour project, an idea initiated by the Italian Association of BMW Dealerships (A.C.I.B.). This project featured eleven stages, during which athletes with disabilities, employees, and volunteers engaged in thrilling football matches. The final stage, scheduled for September, will witness a match between the Official BMW Dealerships XI and Serie A's Official Insuperabili First Team, hosted by AC Milan at the PUMA House of Football.

In the years ahead, AC Milan and BMW will continue working together to create a series of joint events and initiatives, aiming to captivate and connect sports, car, sustainability, and lifestyle enthusiasts.

Paolo Scaroni, President of AC Milan, expressed his pleasure at continuing the journey with BMW, highlighting their shared vision, values, and forward-thinking approach that has fostered innovation in their respective sectors.

He also underscored their joint commitment to social issues, which form an integral part of their business philosophy. Scaroni emphasised the pride he felt in nurturing a relationship that has flourished over the past two years, resulting in a multitude of initiatives and opportunities. He concluded by highlighting their shared passion, innovation, style, and sustainability as they stride forward alongside BMW.

Massimiliano Di Silvestre, President and CEO of BMW Italia S.p.A., expressed immense pride in the partnership with AC Milan and considered the renewal a natural consequence of their fruitful collaboration over the previous two seasons.

Di Silvestre recalled memorable moments, including the presentation of cars to players, the creation of a special livery for the BMW i4 in conjunction with the team's fourth jersey, the unveiling of the new BMW XM at Milanello, and the celebration of the nineteenth Scudetto.

He also mentioned various engagements, such as meetings with the BMW AG board, social inclusion projects involving dealerships and Insuperabili ONLUS, and an unforgettable evening with AC Milan's partners at the House of BMW, featuring exclusive display of the seven Champions League trophies.

Di Silvestre emphasised the shared passion for competition, continuous improvement, and 360° sustainability encompassing business, environmental impact, and society. He affirmed their joint commitment and vowed to continue working together for the next two seasons.

Casper Stylsvig, AC Milan's Chief Revenue Officer, added that, like the Club, which connects and captivates over 500 million supporters worldwide, BMW is a globally recognised brand that extends beyond the automotive industry. Stylsvig stressed the significance of partnerships like this one, which enable both entities to enhance their brand values on a global scale, benefiting from each other's strengths, knowledge, and expertise.

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Source: AC Milan


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