76% of US Employees Emphasise Workplace Sustainability

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Many employers are cutting ESG programmes due to rising costs, a KPMG study said, but a survey from Esker suggests that such measures may be short-sighted. The survey reveals that workplace sustainability is more important than ever to 76% of US workers.

Esker conducted a survey called "Sustainability in the Workplace" on March 8 in partnership with the third-party platform Pollfish. The survey, which asked 600 US salaried workers with middle-class incomes, focused on the role sustainability plays in their choice of employers, purchasing decisions in the workplace, and personal investments.

The Esker 2023 Survey found that 80% of U.S. salaried workers with middle-class incomes believe it is important for businesses to prioritise sustainability practices and values.

76% of respondents indicated that sustainability practices and values are more important now than five years ago, and 58% said they will consider a company's sustainability record in their choice of future employers.

Respondents suggested that companies should prioritise energy efficiency, reuse and recycle materials, measure and minimise overall carbon footprint, educate and train employees on sustainability practices, work only with sustainable suppliers, partners, and vendors, and reduce paper use. Women valued sustainability practices more than men.

According to Jean-Michel Bérard, CEO at Esker, companies should not cut sustainability initiatives as they may face greater risks. Embracing sustainability is part of Esker's philosophy of 'positive-sum growth," which ties business success to all stakeholders.

Visit Esker's website for the complete survey results.

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