50% Recycled Plastic for Choc Wrappers, Says Cadbury

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Cadbury is taking a big bite out of its plastic footprint. They have teamed up with packaging leader Amcor to source 1,000 tonnes of recycled plastic for their core chocolate range.

That is enough to wrap up 500 million Dairy Milk family blocks - enough to circle Australia nearly four times.

This builds on Cadbury's earlier efforts, where they already used recycled plastic in some Dairy Milk blocks. Now, they are aiming for 50% recycled plastic across their entire chocolate block, bar, and piece range in Australia. That means cutting their virgin plastic needs in half.

The rollout starts in 2024 with Dairy Milk blocks, then expands to other favourites like Cherry Ripe, Crunchie, and Twirl. Even your Roses and Favourites will be sporting eco-friendly wrappers soon.

This move reflects Cadbury's parent company, Mondelēz International's bigger vision: building a "circular packaging economy" in Australia. They are even investing in a new recycling facility to process plastic waste locally.

Darren O'Brien, Mondelēz's president for Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, says, "Reducing plastic and supporting recycling is a top priority for us. This deal helps build confidence in recycled materials and paves the way for a more sustainable future."

Mike Cash from Amcor said, "We're helping them reduce virgin plastic across their portfolio, giving them a chance to stand out and grow sustainably."

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