100% Next-Gen Gas for Chattanooga Homes

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Chattanooga Gas is making significant strides towards a more sustainable and affordable energy future by exclusively sourcing Next Generation Natural Gas from environmentally conscious producers.

Through a partnership with Williams' Sequent Energy Management, the company procures and delivers certified low-emission natural gas to its residential and small business customers.

This transition is a critical step in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting economy-wide decarbonisation efforts across the natural gas supply chain.

The move to Next Generation Natural Gas is estimated to save approximately 646 tonnes of methane or 16,152 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent annually, equivalent to removing over 3,500 gasoline-powered automobiles from the road for one year.

Chattanooga Gas is committed to reducing GHG emissions throughout its value chain, aligning with its goal to achieve net zero GHG emissions from its operations by 2050.

The procurement is a result of the Tennessee Natural Gas Innovation Act, which allows natural gas utilities to access innovative natural gas resources, including renewable natural gas, hydrogen, and Next Generation Natural Gas. The legislation also enables cost recovery for such initiatives, fostering the adoption of cleaner energy solutions.

Chattanooga Gas' milestone follows similar efforts within Southern Company Gas, the parent company. Sister company Virginia Natural Gas has already procured Next Generation Natural Gas for its customers, supplying up to half of their energy demands with this environmentally conscious product. The company's Illinois-based utility, Nicor Gas, has also sourced fuel from eco-friendly suppliers.

Southern Company Gas is committed to reaching net zero GHG gas emissions from its operations by 2050, further supporting sustainability efforts across its utilities in Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, and Virginia.

As the industry shifts towards a low-carbon energy future, partnerships and initiatives like these are crucial in ensuring a cleaner and greener world. Chattanooga Gas' leadership in adopting Next-Gen Natural Gas sets an inspiring example for utilities nationwide, proving that environmentally conscious choices can pave the way towards a more sustainable energy landscape.

For more information on Southern Company Gas' sustainability efforts, visit www.southerncompanygas.com/resources.

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Source: Chattanooga Gas


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