Target Hospitality Unveils ESG Plan

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by KnowESG
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Target Hospitality Corp. has started the process of developing and implementing a strategy for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) as part of their offerings of modular accommodations and hospitality services with added value. Target Hospitality Corp. is recognised as one of the largest providers of these services in North America.

Target Hospitality Corp. is prioritising the use of its mission, vision, and values to create specific and measurable objectives that align with ESG standards.

Their goal is to develop a structured framework that can be used to track progress and implement a reporting process that is committed to achieving goals within the ESG framework.

Target is confident that this approach will enable them to establish a feasible strategy that supports their long-term growth plans and benefits their shareholders by creating continued value.

"We are pleased to formalise our ESG initiative and the commitment to establishing a defined and transparent framework. We have taken meaningful steps in conducting a value-added approach capable of supporting Target's growth and evolution. Thoughtful execution should add lasting benefit to Target's employees, customers, and stakeholders," stated Brad Archer, President and Chief Executive Officer.

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Source: PRNewswire