LEVC and Axil Extend Partnership for Sustainable Future

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KnowESG_LEVC and Axil Extend Partnership for Sustainable Future
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LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) and Axil Integrated Services have joined forces for another year to push the boundaries of sustainable transportation.

This extended partnership reflects their commitment to sustainable practices across the entire mobility landscape.

Collaboration Delivers Impressive Results

Their three-year collaboration on total waste management has improved waste handling at LEVC's facilities. The results are impressive: a 212% increase in metal, cardboard, and plastic rebates, achieving zero landfill waste, with 83% recycled and 17% recovered through energy conversion.

LEVC's Sustainability Drive

LEVC's Ansty plant, established in 1908, is a UK manufacturing hub known for both innovation and sustainability. While the iconic black cabs remain a legacy, LEVC's focus has shifted towards eco-friendly vehicles like the TX model, which has cut down on CO2 emissions by a staggering 200,000 tonnes since 2018.

Investing over £1.1 billion in electric vehicles, LEVC is a leader in green manufacturing. Their Ansty plant, built in 2018, is the first purpose-built electric vehicle hub in the UK.

Partnership for a Sustainable Future

Since 2020, LEVC has partnered with Axil, a leading waste management company, to improve waste handling and reduce costs at their manufacturing plant. This extended partnership will ensure the collaboration's continued success.

A Collaborative Effort

Craig Lea, Head of Technical Services at LEVC, says: “Over the past three years, our focus has been on educating our workforce about the importance of waste segregation and engaging them in new waste initiatives. By implementing changes, we’ve significantly enhanced our waste management processes, working together to surpass our sustainability goals while unlocking previously unidentified rebates.

"Our partnership with Axil has been fantastic from day one. They are more than just a supplier; they’re supportive collaborators who proactively solve problems. With a keen eye for identifying gaps and addressing issues early, they’ve dealt with us on a personal level, creating a highly collaborative environment”

A Shared Vision for Sustainable Mobility

LEVC and Axil share a vision for a sustainable future in mobility. By focusing on every aspect, from production to waste management, they are not just providing electric vehicles but also delivering a promise of a cleaner, more accessible future for everyone.

Axil's Commitment

Ian Taplin, Head of Contract Management at Axil said: “We are excited to extend our partnership with LEVC. Last year we dealt with 850 tonnes of waste diverting 100% from landfill. Together, we’ve made significant strides in waste management, achieving remarkable results such as a 212% increase in metal, cardboard and plastic rebates, £142,000 over three years. As we look ahead, we are eager to continue our collaborative efforts to improve waste processes and environmental stewardship.”

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