Green Move: DACHSER's Electric Trucks in Netherlands

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DACHSER_Netherlands introduces electric trucks on roads
Image courtesy of DACHSER

DACHSER Netherlands is taking a momentous stride towards a future of emission-free deliveries with the deployment of its first electric trucks.

These eco-friendly vehicles mark a crucial milestone in the journey towards achieving zero-emission logistics, aligning with the upcoming "Zero Emissions Zones" (ZES zones) set to be implemented in the Netherlands from January 1, 2025.

The initial electric truck being put to the test in Waddinxveen is the Volvo Electric FL 4x2. With a capacity of 18 pallet spaces and a payload of six tonnes, this battery-electric truck offers ample room for urban logistics.

Its impressive range of up to 220 kilometres, coupled with an e-charging station at DACHSER's Waddixveen branch, makes it an ideal choice for city trips. What's more, its electric drive ensures not only zero emissions but also minimal noise pollution, enhancing the tranquillity of urban areas.

Another electric truck, a Renault Trucks D Z.E. 16t, adorned in a striking yellow-blue hue, was recently introduced at the DACHSER site in Zevenaar. Possessing similar range and capacity, this truck now handles city deliveries in Arnhem and its surroundings.

The drivers and operators of these battery-electric trucks benefit from enhanced safety and efficiency thanks to modern cameras affixed around the vehicles, eliminating blind spots. They have also undergone specialised training to master the technicalities of these advanced vehicles.

DACHSER Netherlands is gearing up for the future, as all trucks produced after January 1, 2025, must be zero-emission to access the zero-emission zones in major Dutch cities. A transition period allows existing Euro VI trucks up to five years old on January 1, 2025, to continue operating in these zones until January 1, 2030, while Euro VI trucks under eight years old by that date also enjoy the same privilege.

Stefan Raimondo, Country Manager of DACHSER Netherlands, emphasised the company's commitment to sustainability, aligning with the increasing focus on eco-conscious practices by governments, municipalities, customers, and industries. The introduction of these electric trucks is just one step in the direction of achieving collective sustainability goals, complementing various other green initiatives that have been in place for years.

DACHSER's ambition extends beyond the Netherlands, with a long-term vision to increase the number of zero-emission vehicles across the European DACHSER network, working towards a future of net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Already employing the Emission-Free Delivery concept in 12 European metropolitan regions, DACHSER plans to expand its scope to at least 10 more cities by 2025. In the Netherlands, the adoption of electric trucks represents a pivotal stride.

Additionally, the company is exploring the potential of hydrogen trucks for longer-distance deliveries as part of its comprehensive climate protection strategy, as stated by Aat van der Meer, Managing Director DACHSER Benelux.

In conclusion, DACHSER Netherlands' embrace of electric trucks heralds a greener future for urban logistics, reinforcing the commitment to sustainability and a cleaner environment. With zero-emission zones on the horizon, the company's forward-thinking approach positions them as leaders in the eco-conscious transportation industry.

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