Fidelity Adds New ESG Fund to its Sustainable Investment Products Lineup

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by KnowESG
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Fidelity Investments, a global financial services firm, has launched the Fidelity Healthy Future Fund (FAPHX), an actively-managed equity strategy that invests in companies around the world.

The new mutual fund joins Fidelity's growing list of thematic sustainable funds, which include equity, fixed income, high income, and asset allocation strategies. These products enable consumers to connect their financial goals to good global topics.

The Fidelity Healthy Future Fund invests in healthcare, nutrition, mental health, air pollution reduction, and housing, among other things. It has no investment minimums and can be purchased commission-free through Fidelity's online brokerage platforms by individual investors and financial advisors. Both retail and adviser share classes are available in the fund.

The fund will leverage Fidelity's proprietary forward-looking and historical ESG rating system and third-party ESG ratings to create a more holistic view of a company's or issuer's sustainable business practices, besides fundamental, bottom-up financial analyses.

Pam Holding, Co-Head of Equity and Head of Sustainable Investing at Fidelity Investments, said:

"The pandemic has put the importance of overall health and wellness at the forefront of consumer consciousness, and we believe there are many factors that will continue to drive this global trend. With this new fund, Fidelity offers investors the opportunity to gain exposure to the long-term movement of health and wellness through an actively-managed sustainable strategy.”

“We pair our proprietary ESG ratings with the depth and breadth of our fundamental research capabilities to uncover unique company insights. We believe the two facets of Fidelity’s proprietary ESG ratings framework, covering both current and future potential, is unique in the evolving world of ESG data and analysis.”

Source: Fidelity Investments

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