evoBuild®: Heidelberg's Eco-Friendly Global Brand

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Heidelberg Materials has announced its newest global product line, evoBuild, dedicated to eco-friendly and sustainable building materials.

These products are carefully selected based on their strong sustainability features, adhering to strict standards set by the company.

Heidelberg Materials is pioneering in the heavy building materials industry by implementing consistent global criteria for identifying sustainable products. This initiative will gradually integrate sustainable offerings from all regions where the company operates into the evoBuild range.

Dr. Dominik von Achten, Chairman of the Managing Board of Heidelberg Materials, explains, “Following the successful introduction of our corporate brand, Heidelberg Materials, in over 20 countries, it is only natural to align our sustainable product range globally. With evoBuild, alongside our evoZero brand for carbon-neutral cement, we're reaffirming our commitment to offering eco-friendly solutions to our customers.”

Dr. Nicola Kimm, Chief Sustainability Officer at Heidelberg Materials, adds, “The launch of evoBuild is a significant step forward, as it applies consistent sustainability standards across all our global operations. This standardised approach increases transparency for our customers and stakeholders, bringing us closer to our goal of making 50% of our revenue from sustainable products by 2030.”

evoBuild products cover all aspects of the business and fall into categories such as low-carbon (cement and concrete), circular (concrete), or a mix of both. To qualify as low-carbon, products must reduce CO₂ emissions by at least 30% compared to standard products. Circular products contain at least 30% recycled materials or reduce material usage by 30%, such as Heidelberg Materials' innovative mortar for 3D concrete printing.

With the successful launch of evoZero, the world's first carbon-neutral cement in November 2023, evoBuild marks Heidelberg Materials' ongoing commitment to sustainability, serving as its second global brand focused on environmentally responsible products.

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Source: Heidelberg Materials


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