EV Cargo Publishes 2021 Sustainability Report

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EV Cargo, a global freight forwarding, supply chain services, and technology firm, has released its first Sustainability Report, celebrating significant progress toward achieving its sustainability strategy in 2021.

EV Cargo's commitment to global sustainability gained traction during that time, with the company launching a variety of environmentally focused operational programmes and developing a solid foundation to meet its multi-year goals.

As one of the company's three core principles, Dr Virginia Alzina was appointed Chief Sustainability Officer in March, with responsibility for managing projects in four priority areas: planet, people, governance, and value creation.

Dr. Alzina oversaw the development of a comprehensive decarbonisation roadmap to become carbon neutral across scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030, while an executive board sustainability committee was established, and more than 20 employees were designated sustainability champions across the business.

EV Cargo also signed several high-profile international treaties. The UN Global Compact is one of them. It is a contract that encourages businesses and firms all over the world to adopt policies that are sustainable and good for society and to report on how they are doing.

At COP26, EV Cargo backed the ambitious Global Memo of Understanding, which aims for 30% of new bus and truck sales to be zero-emission vehicles by 2030 and 100% by 2040. It demonstrated its commitment to decarbonisation in 2022 by introducing HVO fuel in its truck fleet, which cuts greenhouse gas emissions by up to 92%, and it became the UK's first FMCG operator of an electric vehicle.

EV Cargo also committed to focusing its efforts on seven of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as well as joining the UN Science Based Target initiative programme, the Arctic Pledge, and completing the Climate Ambition Accelerator programme.

Other accomplishments include finishing the Target Gender Equality programme, providing diversity and inclusion training to all top managers, and prioritising employee health, wellbeing, and development through the implementation of initiatives such as the Delivering Better programme.

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