Danfoss Technology Powering New Fully Electric Crawler Crane

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SANY, a multinational company that makes heavy machinery, is using technology from Danfoss to power a new fully electric crawler crane. The cranes can now be ordered in batches and shipped to the European market. The market launch of the SANY SCE800TB-EV will help meet the increasing demand for zero-emission construction machines.

SANY is embracing new technology to introduce machines with greater efficiency and sustainability credentials. Its latest product is the SANY SCE800TB-EV, an 80-ton fully electric telescopic crawler crane. With a maximum lifting moment of 300 ton-meters and a maximum boom length of 47 metres, the crane offers high performance and reliability to efficiently complete all kinds of assisted-hoisting tasks.

The SANY SCE800TB-EV is the first crawler crane with a fully electric system and permanent magnetic synchronous motor technology that is sold in large numbers. It has an Editron motor and inverter from Danfoss Power Solutions and a D1P hydraulic pump from Danfoss Power Solutions. The crane will cut carbon emissions, improve air quality, and reduce noise, making construction sites cleaner and safer for workers and local communities.

Commenting on SANY’s launch of the fully electric crawler crane, Chao Wang, head of Editron China at Danfoss Power Solutions, said:

"We've been a strategic partner with SANY for a few years now, and together we've made several fully electric and hybrid machines, like a 25-ton truck crane. Our experience in off-highway applications and the high efficiencies offered by our products are assisting SANY on its electrification evolution and helping the company’s products reach more parts of the world.”

Victor Yin, business development manager of SANY’s crane division, added:

“We have an excellent relationship with Danfoss, as it offers the rich experience and European service system that we require from our suppliers. The experts at the company also go above and beyond to meet our needs. For example, before installing our new fully electric crawler crane, they tested its hydraulic system to make sure that all of its parts worked well together. Also, the system test stage took place in the middle of summer, when the temperature outside was close to 40°C. Despite this scorching heat, the Danfoss team was always available to provide on-site support with less than a day’s notice. This is one example of the high level of customer service Danfoss offers, which is very much appreciated."

Source: Danfoss

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