Daimler Truck Further Expands CO₂-Neutral Energy Supply at Production Sites Through Photovoltaics

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As a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, Daimler Truck has the declared goal of developing sustainable and, thus, future-proof transport solutions for the movement of goods and passengers and putting them on the road.

In this context, the focus is also on the production of vehicles: By 2039, the company aims to achieve CO2-neutral production in all plants and business units worldwide. The European sites will already be CO2-neutral from this year onwards, partly by sourcing electricity from solar, wind, and hydroelectric power.

Another important part of "Green Production" is the use of more photovoltaic systems to increase self-supply from renewable energy sources. At the German Mercedes-Benz plants in Woerth, Kassel, Gaggenau, and Mannheim, assembly of the new plants began in the fall, and they are scheduled to be successively connected to the grid by May 2023. Currently, 5,400 kWp of photovoltaic modules are installed at the German truck sites, so that, together with existing systems, up to 5,700 MWh of electricity can be generated per year. This is equivalent to the annual consumption of around 1,400 households with 4 people. The more than 13,000 modules, which are mainly installed on building roofs, have a surface area of around 39,000 m².

Sebastian Brendel, responsible for central energy and environmental management: "To rapidly drive forward the transformation of our industry, we are working intensively to achieve CO2-neutrality and decarbonisation at our sites around the world. The expansion of photovoltaics is an important contribution to Daimler Truck's sustainable business strategy and a major step toward energy independence for our production sites."

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