Al Masaood Pledges to Tackle Climate Change

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Al Masaood Group, a prominent business conglomerate in Abu Dhabi, has officially embraced the "Climate-Responsible Companies Pledge" during an exclusive event organised by the National Dialogue on Climate Ambition (NDCA).

This commitment solidifies their dedication to supporting the objectives of the Paris Agreement, striving to curtail global warming to a level significantly below 2°C, with a preferable target of 1.5°C, compared to pre-industrial times.

The act of signing the 'Climate-Responsible Companies Pledge' signifies a pivotal milestone in Al Masaood's sustainability journey and harmonises with their ongoing initiatives to combat climate change.

In adherence to the pledge, Al Masaood is set to measure and transparently report its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, simultaneously crafting ambitious strategies to diminish their carbon footprint, aligning with national sector-specific climate objectives.

Furthermore, the company is committed to actively involving stakeholders, such as suppliers, partners, and consumers, urging their active participation in climate action with the overarching aspiration of attaining a net-zero UAE by 2050.

HE Masaood Ahmed Al Masaood, Chairman of Al Masaood, expressed, "Sustainability is deeply embedded in Al Masaood's fundamental values. We firmly believe that collective action and partnerships are indispensable in confronting the global climate crisis.

"By endorsing the 'Climate-Responsible Companies Pledge,' we are taking a resolute stance against climate change, affirming our dedication to a more eco-friendly and sustainable future. Our participation in the National Dialogue on Climate Ambition is an exciting step toward contributing to the UAE's net-zero targets and collaboratively shaping a carbon-neutral future."

The National Dialogue on Climate Ambition is a pivotal initiative orchestrated by the UAE government, aimed at elevating climate change ambitions and promoting the involvement of various stakeholders and sectors in achieving climate targets.

Through their association with NDCA, Al Masaood is actively engaged in defining and elevating sector-specific climate aspirations, bolstering the UAE's pursuit of zero emissions, and actively contributing to the formulation of a robust climate change strategy. The company's vision includes the development of all-inclusive strategies involving the participation of women, youth, and vulnerable populations in shaping their net-zero plans.

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Source: Al Masaood 


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