Zero-Emission Steel for Cargo Industry

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The cargo and load handling industry will soon have access to SSAB Zero™, recycled steel free from fossil carbon emissions. Cargotec and SSAB have expanded their partnership to bring this eco-friendly steel to the market, with plans to incorporate it into their products starting this year.

As part of their ongoing efforts to minimise the environmental impact of cargo and load handling solutions, Cargotec and SSAB are collaborating on SSAB Zero™. This joint venture represents a logical progression of their partnership, which has already produced the world's first load-handling equipment made of fossil-free steel: the MULTILIFT hooklift. In September 2022, Hiab (a subsidiary of Cargotec) revealed a prototype of this innovative hooklift.

In 2022, purchased goods accounted for around 26% of Cargotec's overall greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve its ambitious science-based climate target of reducing value chain emissions by 50% before 2030, Cargotec recognises the need to decarbonise its supply chain.

According to Päivi Koivisto, Cargotec's Vice President of Sustainability, the company is a significant consumer of steel due to its cargo and load handling products and solutions. They prioritise materials with a smaller carbon footprint than conventional options wherever possible, and SSAB Zero™ is an emission-free and circular solution that aligns with this objective. Koivisto sees this as an important stride towards fossil-free steel and an opportunity for Cargotec to expand its low- and zero-emission product portfolio.

Thomas Hörnfeldt, Head of Sustainable Business at SSAB, is pleased to have Cargotec as a partner for SSAB Zero™ and anticipates further collaboration to reduce carbon footprints throughout the value chain. Hörnfeldt notes that the demand for zero-emission steel is on the rise and that SSAB Zero™ will enable them to deliver more of this kind of steel to their clients in the coming year.

SSAB Zero™ boasts zero fossil carbon emissions in operations, including purchased energy and transportation (less than 0.05 kg CO2e emissions per kg steel in scope 1 and 2). SSAB uses market-based emission factors for electricity, and they have implemented a system to manage and guarantee the proper source and utilisation of alternatives linked to SSAB Zero™ production, thereby keeping fossil fuels in the ground.

SSAB Zero™ employs solely recycled steel as raw material, promoting the circular economy. Neither Cargotec nor SSAB engages in carbon emission offsetting practices. SSAB may acquire fossil-free electricity through electricity guarantees of origin.

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Source: Cargotec

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