Cycling Gear Goes Green with Plant-Based Fabric

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KnowESG_Cycling Gear Goes Green with Plant-Based Fabric
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US fabric maker Polartec has teamed up with Le Col, a London-based cycling clothing brand, to create a new plant-based fabric that keeps you warm and dry during exercise.

This "Power Shield" fabric is made with significantly lower emissions than similar materials and features a warm, breathable fleece lining and a water-resistant outer layer containing 48% plant-based materials.

Le Col has introduced the new Power Shield fabric, marketed as "bio-based weather protection," in four of its high-performance road cycling jerseys. This premium fabric is designed to handle heavy rain and strong winds while remaining breathable.

Instead of tiny holes, the fabric uses a special process to move moisture vapour while blocking water droplets. While this technology exists, Polartec claims creating a special layer within the fabric that can stretch, be washed, and withstand the demands of outdoor sports is a breakthrough.

This new technology comes at a cost, with Le Col's AW23 Hors Categorie Jacket II, made from the fabric, priced at $419.

Le Col was founded in 2011 by Yanto Barker, a college dropout and former professional cyclist. After raising over $1 million through crowdfunding, the company partnered with Puma Private Equity, which invested heavily in Le Col's growth over the past few years.

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