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Angel Yeast Company, a top global producer of yeast and yeast-based products, turned heads at the Natural Products Expo West in North America on March 14th.

This trade show, held annually in Anaheim, California, is a major event for the natural, organic, and healthy food industry.

Showcasing Innovation for Natural and Sustainable Food

During the expo, Angel Yeast highlighted their fermented yeast protein and other new products that fit perfectly with the theme: "Sustainable vegan protein with neutral taste & complete nutrition." They offered a wide variety of items, including yeast protein, extract, dietary fibre, and flakes, all designed to meet the growing demand for natural and sustainable food choices.

These products caught the eye of both health-conscious consumers and industry professionals. They offer exciting ways to improve flavour and nutrition in food, making them a great option.

Star of the Show: Yeast Protein

The real star of Angel Yeast's display was their yeast protein. This 100% natural, fermented protein source has a neutral taste, making it a versatile ingredient for many foods. It also has a complete range of nutrients, including all the essential amino acids. This positions it as a strong competitor to whey and other animal-based proteins.

Sustainability in Focus

Angel Yeast did not just focus on taste and nutrition; they also highlighted the sustainability of their products, which aligns with the expo's emphasis on environmental responsibility. Their commitment to using sustainable practices throughout the production process ensures the quality and safety of their products while also helping to reduce the environmental impact of food production.

Leading the Way in Natural and Healthy Food

By participating in Natural Products Expo West, Angel Yeast showed their dedication to ongoing innovation and leadership in the natural and healthy food industry. Their yeast protein and other products demonstrate the company's ability to deliver solutions that meet the evolving needs of consumers and the food industry.

Investing in the Future of Food

Angel Yeast's presence at the expo is a clear sign of their commitment to promoting healthy living through the development of innovative and sustainable food ingredients. The company is constantly investing in research and development to expand their product line. With this focus, they are well-positioned to make huge contributions to the ever-growing market for natural and sustainable food products.

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Source: Angel Yeast


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