Infor Launches GenAI and ESG Reporting

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Infor, the industry cloud leader, announced Infor GenAI and ESG Reporting. These tools aim to help businesses improve efficiency and track their environmental impact.

Infor's software, including industry-leading ERPs and supply chain solutions, powers critical operations across manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, and the public sector. Infor GenAI combines this expertise with advanced language models to give customers immediate access to the right data and workflows, boosting productivity. Also, Infor's OS platform ensures solutions meet strict security and data privacy standards.

Soma Somasundaram, Infor's President and CTO, said: "We focus on understanding customer challenges and opportunities for success. Our goal is to build highly productive solutions that minimize time spent in applications, allowing users to focus on their core work and create value.

"This goes beyond just human-AI collaboration. It requires a deep understanding of industry segments and individual workflows. Infor excels in industry-specific solutions, and we leverage this knowledge to build best practices directly into our products, enhancing productivity. Infor GenAI is a prime example."

In today's competitive landscape, businesses across all industries need technology to stay productive and adaptable. Infor GenAI is built to leverage a customer's industry data and processes, along with language models, to unlock significant productivity gains. Examples include automatically assigning product attributes in distribution or generating exception summaries for complex manufacturing projects, saving users from tedious tasks.

Infor ESG Reporting tackles the growing pressure from stakeholders for companies to report on their environmental impact. This tool provides customers with the data and analytics needed to drive meaningful, measurable, and actionable change while ensuring accurate, transparent, and consistent environmental footprint reporting.

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