How CSR and ESG Contributed to Kyndryl's Strong Company Culture

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When Utaukwa Allen joined Kyndryl in 2021 as Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, Citizenship, and ESG, her email inbox was already full of ideas and suggestions from employees on how the company could positively impact the world.

“It was great to come into an environment of builders devoted to driving systemic change and building a purpose-driven company,” said Allen. "On our first anniversary, it's clear how important it has been to build corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) into Kyndryl from the beginning."

In its early days, the company conducted a materiality evaluation, employee volunteerism and giving survey, and significant stakeholder research to serve as a foundation for building its CSR and ESG strategy. With three impact areas in place—future-forward education, climate action, and inclusive economy – it has a global impact plan built by Kyndryls and other stakeholders.

Over the past year, the company has worked hard to learn and invest in creating a vision for CSR and ESG efforts that resonates with Kyndryl, its partners, customers, and communities.

People are at the heart of Kyndryl's desire to make a difference, and recognising its role as a service-driven company distinguishes its business model from that of others.

Within six months of launching Deed, its CSR portal, 24% of employees had registered. Kyndryls have led the way with their service mindset, organising over 30 volunteer initiatives throughout the world and channelling support to over 1,000 nonprofit organisations. In the coming weeks, there will be more than 50 volunteer opportunities around the world, both in person and online, to honour Kyndryl's anniversary.

The company tries to create a place where curiosity and learning can thrive so that the next generation of people who want to make a difference will be inspired.

The company also made deals with Echoing Green and Athari Group, two groups that help the next generation of social entrepreneurs find new ways to solve social problems around the world.

In response to Kyndryls' willingness to dive into environmental issues, it established an interactive training and certification programme to help its employees become carbon literate and commit to lifestyle changes that will lower their carbon footprint at home and work.

Carbon Literacy Trust gave them the status of Carbon Literate Organisation Certification in the UK and the USA for their achievements in the carbon literacy space.

As the company moves into its second year, starting a foundation will make it official that it is working to make economies in Kyndryls' communities around the world more inclusive.

Its strong tradition of service and volunteering will be brought together in a whole-person way to make long-term, sustainable investments and drive change. In 2023, it will put out a call for applications and give its first grants to nonprofits that fit with its mission.

In the future, the launch of a foundation, the release of its Human Rights Policy and first ESG report, and other exciting initiatives will further its engagement beyond today. Kyndryl is at the heart of progress because it goes beyond successful projects and fully integrates ESG and CSR efforts across business, employee, and community needs.

Source: Kyndryl

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