EFI Supports Green Farming Practices

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Image courtesy of Equitable Food Initiative

The Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) is excited to share three new sustainability offerings designed to help fresh produce companies be more eco-friendly.

New Video Showcases Sustainability in Action

First up is the premiere of a new video, "Agriculture is Climate Work." This engaging film takes viewers on a journey to GoodFarms' Santa Maria operation, highlighting their successful Produce & Reduce pilot programme.

You will see firsthand how they harvest strawberries and the impressive steps they have taken to cut down on waste. The video premieres on EFI's LinkedIn page on April 11th at 1 pm PDT – mark your calendars for a live event!

New Course Helps Companies Integrate Sustainability

Inspired by the Produce & Reduce programme's success, EFI is offering a new virtual course, "Sustainability 101." This three-day programme, starting May 15th, will help fresh produce grower-shippers figure out how to best weave sustainable practices into their everyday operations. They will learn how to coordinate different sustainability efforts within their company and share those efforts with customers in a clear and impactful way.

A recent industry survey showed that 90% of companies struggle with these exact issues. "Sustainability 101 tackles everything a company needs to do to make sustainability a real part of their business," says Lilian Autler, EFI's climate and workforce development manager. "It also addresses the common challenge of reporting those efforts to customers."

For more information and to register, visit equitablefood.org/seminars.

Free Webinar Shares Sustainability Branding Tips

Finally, on May 14th, EFI will host a free webinar titled "How to Put Sustainability at the Heart of Your Brand." Author Maisie Ganzler, a founding member of EFI, will share her insights from a long career leading a multi-billion dollar company towards a more sustainable future. Ganzler's new book, "You Can't Market Manure at Lunchtime: And Other Lessons from the Food Industry for Creating a More Sustainable Company," is also due out soon. In this webinar, she will offer practical advice for fresh produce companies looking to develop and communicate their sustainability efforts.

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