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Avanti West Coast has released its annual Social Value Report, highlighting its commitment to environmental and societal contributions in the regions it serves.

The report details the intercity operator's initiatives spanning a year, emphasising its sustainability endeavours such as engaging with schools, collaborating with local suppliers and charities, and addressing social issues.

These activities, aligned with Avanti West Coast's sustainability strategy "Our Responsible Plan," generated a substantial £212 million impact across operations, environment, and economy during the 12-month period. Notable highlights from the report include:

  • Feel Good Field Trips initiative, connecting young people to opportunities.

  • A recruitment campaign featuring a mural of trailblazing train driver Karen Harrison, inspiring women to pursue similar careers.

  • Travel Companion, a dedicated accessibility channel providing instant assistance during journeys.

In a bid to become a sustainable business, Avanti West Coast has appointed an Accessibility and Social Value Manager to foster positive impacts beyond its core services. This role aims to engage stakeholders and staff in driving social, economic, and environmental development.

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By supporting local communities, promoting innovation, and reducing environmental impact, Avanti West Coast has made significant strides over the past year.

Building on its commitment to social responsibility, the company plans to utilise the report to shape future initiatives, aiming to achieve over £1 billion worth of social value by 2031.

Melanie Hockenhull, Head of Sustainability at Avanti West Coast, stated, "Our business activities aim to make a lasting impact on the communities we serve, contributing positively to society and the environment along our route. Through transparency in our Social Value Report, we inspire our employees, customers, and communities to join us in making a difference in our world."

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Source: Avanti


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