Weightmans Establishes New ESG Advisory Group

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KnowESG_Weightmans Establishes New ESG Advisory Group
Image of Simon Colvin, Head of Weightmans’ ESG programme. Credit: Weightmans

Law firm Weightmans is taking a major step forward in its commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.

The firm recently established a dedicated ESG Advisory Group to integrate sustainability practices throughout its operations and client services.

This move reflects Weightmans' ambition to become a leading UK law firm in the ESG space. The group will be chaired by the firm's senior partner and supported by the board of directors.

Key Responsibilities of the Advisory Group

  • Overseeing and advising the board on Weightmans' ESG strategies, risks, and opportunities.

  • Ensuring the firm meets its ambitious sustainability goals, such as achieving Net Zero by 2030.

  • Identifying ways to incorporate an evolving ESG landscape into client services.

  • Expanding Weightmans' expertise by partnering with ESG and sustainability specialists.

Weightmans' Existing ESG Achievements

  • Consistent year-on-year reduction in carbon emissions.

  • ISO14001 and ISO50001 certifications for environmental and energy management.

  • Top Employer recognition in the UK for 17 consecutive years.

Comments from Simon Colvin, Partner Leading Weightmans' ESG Programme:

“This confirms our commitment to ESG, putting it firmly at the heart of the business and demonstrating the importance of ESG to us and our people internally, and to our clients. As an early adopter of ESG, this is the next step in our ever-evolving sustainability journey, and I’m excited to see where it takes us next.”

The advisory group will also closely monitor trends and advise the board on emerging ESG regulations relevant to Weightmans' key clients. The group's leadership team includes experienced professionals in environmental law, ESG strategy, and client relationships.

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