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KanAm Grund Group has undertaken a comprehensive reorganisation of its internal ESG capabilities.

At the onset of August, the amalgamation of the former Sustainability & Analysis and Sustainable Asset Strategy departments resulted in the establishment of the ESG Strategy department.

Assuming leadership of this new unit is Manuel Hein, previously at the helm of the Sustainable Asset Strategy division. As Director and Head of ESG Strategy, the 37-year-old is entrusted with overseeing all internal ESG endeavours, encompassing regulatory compliance and property-level initiatives. Jan Jescow Stoehr, Managing Director at KanAm Grund Group, is his reporting superior.

The ESG Strategy unit bears responsibility for the formulation, execution, and monitoring of regulatory mandates linked to sustainability concerns. It also centres on appraising and tactically enacting ESG strategies at the property level, inclusive of ESG project management, data coordination, and reporting.

Jan Jescow Stoehr underscores the significance of the ESG Strategy department, stating, "This department holds a pivotal role within our organisation, interfacing with virtually every sector of KanAm Grund Group. By amalgamating the preceding departments, we anticipate greater efficiency and transparency in our sustainability endeavours, facilitated by Manuel Hein and his adept team. This positioning will empower us to more effectively meet the burgeoning demands and prospects of the market and our investors."

Manuel Hein boasts a substantial track record in sustainability. He embarked on his professional journey with Drees & Sommer, a foremost German consultancy specialising in real estate planning, construction, and operation.

Here, he guided clients across diverse industries worldwide, particularly in optimising real estate operation, strategic planning, cost minimisation, and operational organisation.

Further exposure was gained in renewable energies and the energy sector while serving as an Asset Manager for wind and solar parks at Green City Operations & Management GmbH.

Moreover, Hein has been an instructor for the Building Management module in the Master's programme Energy, Building, and Environmental Management at TH Bingen/Rhein for seven years. Possessing a Bachelor of Engineering in Energy and Environmental Management and a Master of Science in Energy and Facility Management, his competencies were further fortified through certification as a DGNB Consultant and DGNB ESG Manager.

Sustainability stands as a pivotal focus for KanAm Grund Group. Over a decade of engagement in sustainability has been exhibited through the management of its open-ended mutual real estate fund, LEADING CITIES INVEST. The real estate fund provider has emerged as a leader in cultivating specialised sustainability expertise in recent years.

Beyond the continual enhancement of the real estate portfolio, launched in 2008 through initiatives such as certifications, paramount attention is dedicated to mitigating climate change repercussions. The objective involves the strategic evolution of investor real estate, contingent on the specific investment strategy, integrating sustainability considerations, EU regulations, and escalating ESG expectations of tenants, purchasers, and portfolio custodians.

A recent addition to the portfolio is the innovative 360° "Manage to green" offering for institutional investors. As an asset manager, KanAm Grund Group proffers tailored ESG solutions to institutional investors through cutting-edge specialised real estate funds or integration within existing property portfolios.

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