Tata Steel's New Eco-Friendly Coke Plant to Function in Jamshedpur, India

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Tata Steel Ltd


Tata Steel is getting rid of two old coke plant facilities at Jamshedpur Works on Sunday. This made room for new coke oven batteries that use the latest technology and work better.

Tata Steel said in a statement that the implosions were carried out in an operating steel plant with India's tallest manufacturing megastructures in a first-of-its-kind engineering process in the world. The implosions marked the end of the process of dismantling outmoded high-rise facilities at the Jamshedpur Works coke plant.

Tata Steel is rolling out new batteries 6A and 6B to replace the old coke oven batteries 5, 6, and 7. These new batteries use the latest technology and use less energy.

On September 4, a model repair shop 12 metres high was imploded to develop a safe operating method inside an active facility, and on November 27, the company imploded an old 110-meter-tall chimney.

The company says that a 48-meter-tall coal tower and a 110-meter-tall concrete chimney were recently taken down in a safe and environmentally friendly way. The implosions were carried out with the assistance of contract partners Edifice Engineering India and Jet Demolition South Africa.

Tata Steel said the controlled implosion of the 110-metre-tall chimneys was carried out using a mechanical hinge, allowing the structure to fall in one direction with zero degrees of deviation. To manage dust, 'water curtains' were used, and 'trenches with berms' were used to absorb vibration. Furthermore, the use of "steel wire mesh' prevented the debris from spreading.

Tata Steel says that the concrete rubble made by these explosions would be recycled and used to build walls, roads, and plain cement concrete (PCC). Drones were used during an implosion to improve visibility, find dangers in hard-to-reach places, and check out the environment.

Sanjiv Paul, vice president (safety, health & sustainability), Tata Steel, said: “We have completed an important step of safe and controlled implosions of obsolete Coke Plant facilities. This is a testimony to our commitment to operational efficiency, safety, resource optimisation and sustainable growth strategy.”

Avneesh Gupta, vice president (TQM and engineering & projects), Tata Steel, said: “Tata Steel strives to be a technology and innovation leader in the steel industry, leveraging in-house capabilities and building external ecosystems. And the successful execution of these complex implosions showcases our superior engineering capabilities.”

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Source: Business Standard