Tata Steel and TuTr Hyperloop Collaborate to Develop and Deploy Hyperloop Technology

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At the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras (Chennai), India, Tata Steel and TuTr Hyperloop signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to work together on building and using Hyperloop technology at scale. The primary research areas will be key design issues and material selection.

Hyperloop is a future alternative for high-speed, low-cost, and environmentally friendly transportation for both passengers and freight. Tubes, pods, propulsion systems, and track are major components of the hyperloop system. Autonomous, levitated pods travel via an evacuated tube network.

It promises to be 10 times more energy efficient than road transportation and aviation, takes up 2-3 times less space than rail and road, and allows for shorter travel times than aviation.

Tata Steel's Vice President of Technology and New Materials Business, Dr. Debashish Bhattacharjee, said:

"We support and promote homegrown technologies and are committed to making sure they are successful in the market. Globally, Hyperloop has enormous potential for future high-speed, sustainable transportation. We think that TuTr Hyperloop and Tata Steel, by working together and focusing on what they do best, can help this disruptive mobility technology reach its stated goal.

"As a materials company that is committed to sustainably doing business, we will help find solutions to the most important problems on the Hyperloop journey by using our R&D skills and the Tata ecosystem."

R Balaji, Co-founder & CEO, TuTr Hyperloop, said: “We are delighted to be working with Tata Steel on this breakthrough project. We are working on and testing different ways to make the Hyperloop technology solution a cost-effective and efficient global standard. To reach this goal, we need to use the skills of world-class companies like Tata Steel. Partnership with Tata Steel will enable us to solve materials and design-related challenges and drive Hyperloop to become a reality.”

Tata Steel specialises in the design and development of steel and composite materials. Tata Steel has recognised Hyperloop as an opportune breakthrough technology in the domain of future mobility, in accordance with its strategic objective to produce future-ready, sustainable business.

TuTr, an Indian deeptech business founded at IIT Madras, is a frontrunner in this field, promising a low-cost hyperloop solution as its primary value proposition. TuTr has a distinct advantage in the design of pods and propulsion systems. Tata Steel and TuTr plan to collaborate to design, develop, and commercialise the technology.

The first phase of construction will take place on the 50-metre test track at IIT Madras. The remaining work to build a 10-kilometre track will be completed in Phases II and III with the help of a consortium of other industrial partners from the Automotive, Construction, and Engineering sectors.

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Source: TATA Steel