Hilton Heathrow Airport Celebrates Earth Day

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On the occasion of Earth Day, Hilton London Heathrow Airport is presenting a range of fresh environmental measures.

Every year on April 22, Earth Day is celebrated worldwide by almost a billion people in 193 countries to show their support for environmental protection.

Hilton London Heathrow Airport has aligned with this year's theme of "Invest in Our Planet" and shared the results of its ongoing commitment to environmental conservation.

As part of Hilton's Travel with Purpose initiative, the hotel has implemented measures to reduce waste and conserve water and energy usage to promote responsible travel and tourism globally.

The hotel has switched entirely to low energy LED lighting and installed a Room Energy Management system in every guest room, which automatically turns off lights and sets the temperature to a comfortable level when rooms are vacant.

A cutting-edge building management system recirculates the heated and cooled air around the hotel to prevent waste in unused areas and minimise energy use for heating or cooling large spaces such as the atrium.

Additionally, the hotel encourages guests to reduce their environmental impact, such as by recycling soaps and providing guests with the opportunity to participate in driving sustainability initiatives on the property, like planting trees and having their honey from the four beehives gifted to them on special occasions.

Hilton's Meet with Purpose initiative offers meeting packages that reduce food waste, incorporate environmentally friendly solutions, and help meeting planners achieve their ESG goals.

The hotel also composts fruit and vegetable trimmings from its Chef's Garden, where herbs, vegetables, and fruits are grown and used across its three OXBO dining experiences.

Hilton remains committed to partnering with its customers to minimise carbon footprints and redefine sustainable travel. Oliver Stockland, area general manager of Hilton, expressed his pride in the positive response to the hotel's environmental measures and noted that the hotel continues to seek new ways to reduce its environmental impact.

The award-winning property has been named the World's Leading Airport Hotel for five consecutive years and Europe's Leading Airport Hotel for the past eight years.

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